A foundation with a heart

Allow a dignified end of life.

Aline-Chrétien Residence offers FREE access to eight palliative care rooms for adults and children as well as accompaniment for their loved ones. This care is administered by a team of professionals composed of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and orderlies.

Aline-Chrétien Residence welcomes people who meet the following criteria: People with a life prognosis of less than 2 months, who are aware of this prognosis and know that the care offered to them is palliative, that is to say that it is not aimed at restoring health, but rather at relieving their suffering and ensuring their comfort.

The team at Maison Aline-Chrétien makes it a duty to accompany people at the end of life and their loved ones while respecting their values, culture, beliefs and religious practices.

Each member of our team makes every effort to ensure that this period of end-of-life is lived in a calm and serene atmosphere.

A person receiving palliative care at Maison Aline-Chrétien could ask for medical help to die.

Your donations will help us provide free and quality end of life care
to children and adults. They will also provide support to relatives
going through these difficult times.

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